Saeculum Saeculorum ex elohim

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Abgeschickt von Elfenprinz am 12 Oktober, 2002 um 17:09:40:

"Plea of a secularist"

In this modern day and age,
Still we discover fundamental rage,
The Christian violates the principle of separation of church and state,
It is he who keeps prayer in a public estate,
An event the founding fathers were not intending,
Yet on campuses the religious engage in their pretending,
Pretending that they are talking to a higher being,
Unfortunately it is a sight that I keep seeing,
Therefore it is up to us, whom the Bible call 'fools,'
To preserve church/state separation and keep prayer out of schools,
Yes, the Christian has a right to pray,
But it is a right that, in his privacy, it must stay


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