Cave Men

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Abgeschickt von Agino am 14 Oktober, 2002 um 23:10:26:

Antwort auf: Beauty von Aynou am 14 Oktober, 2002 um 23:05:31:

In caverns depth Erectus crept
Where silent voices spoke
Whatever heard not put to world,
Yet gathered all the folk.

The musty air, the fire's glare:
Whose shadows were revealed?
What great astound when slightest sound
From all directions pealed.

Should not surprise how did arise
Our superstition old
That spirits dwelt and could be felt
Amid the dark and cold.

And so today when we need pray
We gather still in caves
Or arching stone, though just a clone
With apses, pews and naves.

rayMond galLucci, maRtha knOx alive and kicking


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