Madness of the world

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Abgeschickt von eine ode an Kiran iangal am 15 Oktober, 2002 um 00:08:02:

Madness of the World

People look and stare,

They strive to understand,

Yet it is out of they’re hands,

Much more then some can bear,

Amazed at what you see,

Past all help, “ That’s a nice white jacket”,

The meal lies steaming in front of you,

You snap, and thrash around in that coat,

They come rushing in,

Three try to hold you, one to stun you,

The needle pierces your skin,

The drug slows you down, and you fall asleep,

Your head is a mess, as is your mind,

They try to cure you; you try to run away,

But you’re strapped down,

A leather strap across your mouth,

You scream, trying to stop them,

But you come through as a muffled voice,

They place the electrodes to your head,

Set it to half, you fell the short shape pulses,


Your eyes roll back,

You feel your body shaking,

And lie there powerless,

Unable to change the situation,

Later you search your mind,

And find it empty,

But you don’t seem to care,

You now just sit there,

You watch the TV,

Your only source of friendship,

You the death on the streets,

The happiness of supposed “PEACE”,

Breaking past that cloak,

You open your eyes, mind and soul,

You feel a change within,

A new cause grows inside of you.


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