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Abgeschickt von Aynou am 14 Oktober, 2002 um 23:01:11:

Antwort auf: Immortality von Agino am 14 Oktober, 2002 um 22:55:09:

The silent lockers somehow know
I passed this way a while ago
Like others, now recalled as ghost
By walls and stalls who're sentry post

The former ones alive and well
Long quieted by funeral bell
If speech possessed, what tales might tell
These tiles of granite, under spell?

My time elapsed they measure brief
On tapestry, I'm just a weave
How arrogant to dare believe
Once I departed stones will grieve!

Have made a difference? Sorely doubt.
No truths discovered, pearls plucked out
Of my transcendants none will shout.
That I was once, who'll care an ounce?


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